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Supporting a community tradition of service In Utica Community Schools

There is a fabric to our community that continues to be passed down from generations to generations.

It is a spirit defined by care, concern and the importance of helping others, particularly when it comes to the students and families in our community.

Parents, residents and business leaders regularly share their talents and resources with our students. In turn, our students give back to the community by supporting local service groups and organizations.

The importance of service and giving back takes place throughout the entire school year in UCS. However, during the holiday season, each school makes a concerted effort to focus its attention on how students can make a difference in the lives of others.

There are 200 such charity drives at all of our buildings this season.  If you walked in the lobby of any school this season, you saw examples: Toys for Tots, giving trees, mitten drives, coat drives and food collections.

It is one small way we can give back and say thank you to a community that gives so much of its time and talents to our schools – whether it is a parent or grandparent volunteering in a classroom, business representatives that mentor our students on careers, or organizations that provide scholarships to support our district’s college culture.

Our students realize that this community has nurtured their success and the vital role that service organizations play in the health and well-being of their towns.

UCS students also have the understanding that it is their responsibility to give back throughout their adult lives.

In our schools today are the future civic leaders who will lead the service organizations and community networks that make such a difference today in our schools. They become inspired for service through the relationships that are being created through community wide service activities and event.

In this way, we can continue the cycle of care and concern that is the fabric of our community.

All the best for a joyous and healthy holiday season surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends.


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