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An involved school community lies at the heart of UCS Success

There is a common theme that underlies the stories of success and remarkable accomplishments of our students and staff. We recognize that these accomplishments reflect the work of an entire community of residents who are committed to children and give so much time and energy to their district.

Michigan’s second largest school district is comprised of six unique cities and townships. While each municipality has its own characteristics, the businesses and residents in nearly 70 square miles are united through Utica Community Schools. Our community has tremendous pride in its school district and is actively involved in making sure our children have every opportunity for success.

Community engagement is critical to the success of a school district and directly supports student success. Through community involvement, students increase their learning, engage in school, continue their education at the post-secondary level and have a more positive attitude about their future.

Utica Community Schools is a lighthouse district that exemplifies what happens when a community creates a legacy of excellence and support for its children.

The success we enjoy could not happen without a strong foundation of support. Under the leadership of our Board of Education, UCS has a strong community foundation through a network of parents, staff, families, residents, and business and civic leaders who take responsibility for providing the best educational experiences for our children. It is why Utica Community Schools has a strong reputation as a great place to live, learn, grow a business and raise a family.

You can see the impact of this involvement every day in our 36 schools. Business leaders work directly with students creating real-world opportunities and providing insight into the skills necessary to compete in today’s economy. Partnerships between senior citizens and students reinforce a love of reading or demonstrate the importance of service. Parents volunteer their time to support classrooms and provide our students with resources that create additional opportunities for learning. Our teachers and staff members are involved members of this community who advocate for the success of each student.

Utica Community Schools is a “community” in the best sense of the word. Whenever you hear about the amazing work that is being done in your schools, I hope it fills you with a great deal of pride.

No matter what your role in our partnership, you are a key part of the long legacy of UCS Success that represents our district’s past, present and future.

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